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Animal Reiki...

  • Enhances and deepens your bond with your family pet and other animals around you.
  • Will not bring harm to any living thing & always offered in the highest and best interest of your pet.
  • Can address any issue ~ physical, emotional or mental. There are no contra-indications.
  • Is offered to your pet and they are free to accept as much or as little as they choose.
  • Is non-invasive. Touch is always optional and at the pet's discretion.

Benefits of Animal Reiki...

  • Like you, your pet can benefit in many ways:
    • Reduction of stress in high-strung and nervous animals.
    • Enhancement of the healing process after surgery and reduced side effects of medications.
    • Provides support for complimentary therapies.
    • Provides loving, compassionate support through the end stages of your pet's life.

For more information or to discuss Animal Reiki for your pet or farm animals, please feel free to contact me!